Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Adventure books

Even when the times seems to change, when the wind stops to blow, when the music start to sound, we keep falling. When the feeling is forgotten, when the moment is betrayed, when the leave drops, and the sand hits your face, we still fall. 
Even if the day turns night slowly, if the violin plays low, when the man gets up, we fall.
We want electricity, we want adventure, we want disaster, we want rage. We can't keep steady, we can't keep walking, we run, we fly, we scape from circular movements.
In the easiest way, in the peaceful road, in the spring day, in the flat sea, we are not happy, we want risk, we want danger, we want pain.

Incluso cuando los tiempos parecen cambiar, cuando el viento para de soplar, cuando la música empieza a sonar, seguimos cayendo. Cuando el sentimiento es olvidado, cuando el momento es traicionado, cuando la hoja cae, y la arena golpea tu cara, seguimos cayendo.
Incluso si el día se vuelve noche lentamente, si el violín toca bajo, cuando el hombre se levanta, caemos.
Queremos electricidad, queremos aventura, queremos desastre, queremos ira. No podemos quedarnos quietos, no podemos seguir caminando, corremos, volamos, escapamos de movimientos circulares.
En el camino mas sencillo, en el camino pacifico, en el día primaveral, en el mar calmo, no somos felices, queremos riesgo, queremos peligro, queremos dolor.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Show must

We are back to the show, we dress our costumes, we go out to scene. 
Here the waves crash in your head.
Here the music is loud and familiar.
Here the streets are empty.
Here the sky is rainning.
Here people knows you in the street.
Here there's no place to hide.
Here the roads seem too long.
Here you don't live on your own.
Here you have to share your loneliness.
Here the rocks are scary.
Here you pray for snowing.
Here there's peple left.
Here nobody speaks different.
Here you cannot improve your knowledge.
Here water is cold.
Here your skin starts to burn.
Here sky is blue.
Here life goes on.