Friday, 16 May 2014

Coast desert

It's fun to think about how I used my belgian window sill to cool and how I use my gaditano window sill to defrost.

Scale has changed, time ago we thought diferent cities meant far distances, then we thought diferent countries meant hard distances to be still in touch, now, diferent cities, diferent countries, diferent continents, all seem the same. Everybody is one screen unlock away.

Our tiny little world has splited of many pieces, we've been nomads for 3 years, temporary houses, temporary friends, temporary family.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Flowered trees

Days keep being the same: Wake up at 08.30, bus at 09.30, sat down on a rolling chair at 10.00. Lack of weather variability makes everything a routinarie, but this is better than never-stop raining. 

The master is ok, I found out Diatoms are more exciting than I thought. The analysis machine still doesn't work, we are waiting to heal itself.

Since January I finished 4 books, I think I could do better.

Yes, Cádiz, Oceanography master, the sun, beach, and that stuff are really great, not complains. Time to read, time to take photos... until June, but ok, one month to spare, two months to die, fair enough.

Thursday, 1 May 2014


I always thought similar musical tastes defined similar people
I always thought similar looks defined similiar people
I always thought similar hobbies defined similar people
I always thought similar you defined similar me
Apparently, I was wrong